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Why should I choose LabRecruit?

LabRecruit is the quickest route to finding the best engineers on the market, guaranteed. Our proprietary team fingerprinting algorithm dives deep into your team’s unique makeup and skillset to get a detailed picture of exactly what your next hire ought to look like, and we find you a pile of them. This process only gets better as we get to understand your company and your competitors more every day. We move faster than other agencies, and guide you through every step of the way as painlessly as possible. You pay only when you’re convinced you’ve brought in the best talent for your role.

What do you charge?

We charge simply based on a fraction of your role’s compensation. There aren’t and will never be any hidden fees, and you don’t pay anything until your hire’s first day on the job. See Pricing for more info.

What kinds of data do you look at?

In today’s world, many software engineers build up profiles of themselves and their work online for a variety of reasons -- be it showcasing their talent and cool projects, looking for work, or contributing to the open-source community.

We pull in a variety of public sources to get a better understanding of what candidates like to do both in their professional lives and in their free time. Does a candidate upload a lot of Scala code in their free time? Give talks at the local Agile meetup? Maybe they’ve contributed a cool feature to Firefox. All of these things build up a great model of the type and calibre of developer they are, and whether they’d be a good fit for you.

How do I get started?

Fire off an email to our team here, and we’ll get started right away by investigating all available data about your company’s team, vision, and competition. We’ll work closely with you to form a rock-solid understanding of your expectations of us and your potential hires, and tailor the entire process to fit your needs and timeline. Once we’re up and running, your applications will start streaming in almost right away. Bespoke, just for you.

What kind of developers can you find for me?

It’s no secret that hiring for upper-level tech jobs can be a real pain. As skillsets get more and more specialized, it becomes more difficult to accurately assess the caliber of an engineer and their ability to do incredible work for your team. Fortunately for you, we have this process down to a science. Besides all that, the better fit a candidate is for your organization, the more likely you’ll be to see strong interest in working for you.

How likely is a successful recruit?

Once we’ve consulted personally with you and laid out the groundwork for your tailored application process, our team will lay out a step-by-step plan for successfully bringing in high-quality talent, including email funnels, the content of in-person chats, and optimal timelines. We know just how to move quickly and get the candidate the information they need to make a decision, while keeping them engaged every step of the way. We’re so confident that you’ll get what you’re looking for that you won’t be billed until you do.
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