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Founded in 2017, LabRecruit partners with businesses to help them understand, hire, engage, and enable the world's developers.
Like many developers, we’re very familiar with the hiring process at your average tech company — too familiar. Too many times we’ve been left hanging without hiring decisions, left in the dark about how we were being assessed, or simply given up on a process that was taking more time than we had to give.

So just like any good developer would, we decided to reimagine it all from start to finish, using the latest methods in data science and machine learning.

We believe that finding and attracting top talent shouldn’t have to be an obstacle between you and the story you’re writing. The sooner you find the right people, the more quickly you can make your vision a reality.

That is our vision — to make your team better, so you can work better.

How it works


Who are you looking for?

Tell us about your dream candidate. What kind of background do they have? What kind of work will they do? What kinds of tech do they love? We know it's important that your potential candidate has as much exposure as possible to your existing tech stack. This way, you can spend less time onboarding and get straight to work.

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Team Fingerprint

We then do a deep dive into your company's roster using proprietary machine learning tools. Aggregating the public data your employees have provided about themselves, their GitHub history, StackOverflow Answers, Tweets and Meetups they love to generate a unique mathematical model of the type of developer you've had success with in the past.


Search Begins

Combining your new team fingerprint and everything you've told us about your ideal hire we'll use predictive analytics to quickly assemble a list of brilliant candidates that would make a great fit with your team and goals. Chances are, with the right background, they'll also have an interest in working for you. Good deal, right?

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Touch Down

We'll get started right away in making initial contact with the developers we've identified using hand-crafted personal emails, full of appealing details about your company.Once they're interested, every match is invited to a one-on-one chat with our team before they are handed off to you, just to make sure everything looks right.


Better Candidates, Faster

As our model of your company grows more and more detailed, your applicants will only get better. Of course, candidates better suited to you correlates to a higher interest in your company. It’s a win-win for everyone.


All of our data is publicly available and voluntarily provided by candidates and employees alike. We work with what you want us to see, and nothing else.


We know just as well as you do that the recruitment process is a pain for employers and employees alike. Our system reduces time wasted and speeds up the decision-making processes, meaning that a perfect match is reached in less time.

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Take the hassle and stress out of hiring. We'll help you bring together your entire developer hiring process.
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